Moments of life

Different, special spaces invite enjoyment, silence, peace and calm for those who want to indulge in life in the Cordovan medina.

360 Madinat

360º MADINAT, the lookout point where you can gaze out over a complete panoramic view of one of the biggest old towns in Europe and enjoy the stars at night



LIVING ROOM AND CAFETERIA Next to the main patio, where you can read, talk, reflect, and enjoy a drink.


EXCLUSIVE HAMMAN, For the exclusive use of up to two people, a delicate space, where you can relax in a salt bath, surrounded by candles and aromas, and enjoy a massage with your choice of a variety of oils.


TWO TERRACES,  the Celosias terrace and the Caliphs terrace, of different heights, , make it possible to enjoy the sun, the landscape, the silence and the majesty of all the monuments that emerge from the historic city amidst a sea of tiles, especially its Mosque-Cathedral.



THE MAIN PATIO is the main room in the house, with an elliptical well from the days of Alandalus and a classical style fountain that, like other patios around Cordoba, recalls a modus vivendi recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Calle Cabezas, 17.  14003 Córdoba
Tlf.: 957 395 000 - 675 647 769

Tourism registration number: H/CO/00800

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